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Intact Aqua

Intact Aqua™ is a new pelleting aid that has been formulated especially for the shrimp feed industry. The use of Intact Aqua™ will reduce the consumption of PMC/synthetic binders, without compromising on water stability.

One of the main challenges for a shrimp feed producer is to reach the desired conditioning temperature, which is essential to fully utilize the binding properties of the natural components. Intact Aqua™ will allow production at a higher temperature (e.g. 105°C) without destroying valuable key nutrients and process equipment.

Furthermore, Intact Aqua™ provides more stable operating conditions, with fewer blockages and a more constant resistance in the die, which lead to less variation and fines in the finished product.

Other benefits include energy reduction and overall cost savings. Intact Aqua™ should be used at the same inclusion rate as PMC/synthetic binders.

A new and unique tool for shrimp feed producers

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