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Ameri-Bond 2X

Ameri-Bond 2X® is a high performance, natural pelleting aid and the most cost-effective feed binder in the Americas. It makes pellets harder and more durable with fewer fines. Ameri-Bond 2X® frequently increases production rate. It is especially useful when fat is added in the mixer or when distillers grains (DDGS) are used. Ameri-Bond 2X® improves all types of pelleted feeds and is also an effective binder for pressed feed blocks.

Ameri-Bond 2X - Superior Performance from Superior Technology

Ameri-Bond 2X® is 100% lignosulphonate. Because it is a soluble fiber of plant origin, it also provides metabolisable energy and acts as a prebiotic. However, its greatest nutritional benefit continues to be its ability to improve pellet durability, reduce fines, and prevent segregation.

Nutritional impact of pellet binders

Typical use rates are 0.5% to 1.0%. The usage rate will be dependent on the need, manufacturing equipment, mill conditions, ingredients, and formulation. The binding response is not always linear and Borregaard LignoTech can provide assistance in determining the most cost-effective application rates for individual feeds. 

Field Trials

Ameri-Bond 2X - Pellet Binder

Video: See how Ameri-Bond 2X works