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Pelleting Aids

Borregaard LignoTech’s pellet binders and lubricating aids offer a wide range of benefits to compound feed producers, such as:

  • Improved and more consistent feed pellet quality/pellet durability (PDI)
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased production rates
  • Reduction of die chokes
  • Improved feed mill profitability
  • Enabling the use of hard running ingredients
  • Improved performance on mineral feeds
  • Enzyme and vitamin protection

Most of these benefits apply also to wood pellet producers.

See how our pelleting aids contribute at each step of the pelleting process!

Feed compounders face daily challenges to produce animal feed pellets with high and consistent pellet quality, while maintaining the profitability of their mills. Borregaard LignoTech, with many years experience of working in the Feed Industry, has developed an in-depth understanding of feed pelleting and the parameters that influence pellet quality, and are skilled in assisting compounders to fully optimise their pelleting process. Part of this knowledge has been utilised to develop natural, lignin-based pellet binders and die lubricants, which can be added to the feed formulation to improve pelleting efficiency (kWh/T) and increase the strength/durability of the finished product: 

Borregaard LignoTech eBooks about pelleting

Our Products

  • Available worldwide:

    PellTech is a combined die lubricant and pellet binder that enables fewer die chokes, higher conditioning temperatures, and increased production rates.  Especially useful in pelleted feeds containing hard running ingredients, like: whey, DDGS, cassava, or high levels of minerals. Read more
  • Available in the Americas:

    Ameri-Bond 2X makes the pellets more durable and harder with fewer fines.  It is the most cost-effective feed binder for the Americas.  It frequently provides lubrication of the pellet mill, which allows increased production rates and energy efficiency.  It is also useful for binding pressed feed blocks. Read more
  • Available in Europe, Asia and Brazil:

    LignoBond DD is the most cost-effective binder to improve pellet quality and  press throughput in Europe, Asia and Brazil.  It is especially efficient in pelleting or granulating feed containing high amounts of by-products.  LignoBond DD improves hardness of pellets, feed blocks, cubes, and wafers. Read more

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Video: The Pelleting Process